Degree in Theology and Community Involvement

This new and unique programme with three possible levels is offered at The Newman Institute in association with NUI Galway and St. Angela’s College, Sligo.

This is a part-time programme in Theology and Community Involvement. It progresses from Certificate to Diploma and then to Degree level and gives participants an opportunity to engage with and reflect on aspects of Theology and Faith. It also offers an opportunity to engage with the practical elements of social, family and community life.


A high level of participation in all sessions of the programme is required. Assessment will be by a variety of means including essay writing, portfolio keeping, participation in group workshops, planning, group work, placement visits, etc.

Student Resources and Support

  • Access to libraries at both The Newman Institute and at St. Angela’s College, Sligo
  • Tutorial help
  • Spiritual Direction
  • Student Canteen
  • Free Parking 
  • Technical/Computer access

Entry Requirements

This programme is open to anyone with a strong interest in faith matters, theology, spirituality and pastoral ministry

Acceptance criteria are: ability to engage with the course material; evidence of potential to achieve the aims of the course, and a capacity to integrate theoretical learning within specific pastoral contexts.

Applicants may enter at any of the three levels subject to accreditation of prior achievement

Successful completion of interview demonstrating an interest in and ability to engage with the demands of the programme

Course Structure

While the course is structured in modules, the delivery of each module and the forms of assessment facilitate integration of the theological, spiritual and pastoral ministry dimensions of the course.

Year 1 consists of 7 modules (Certificate)

Study Skills

Introduction to Theology

Biblical Studies



Introduction to Community Studies

Involvement in Community Studies


Year 2 consists of 6 modules (Diploma)



Sacramentality, Grace, Redemption, Eschatology


Issues and Skills in contemporary Community Studies

Pastoral Placement


For completion of the degree a further 2 years study is required.